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Missing teeth can detrimentally impact your oral health, your confidence, and your overall quality of life. As you age, the chances of losing teeth to injury, gum disease, or decay increases dramatically; in fact, 69% of adults in their mid-thirties to mid-forties are missing at least one tooth due to one of the aforementioned reasons. Delaying treatment can cause further damage and potentially compromise the healthy teeth that remain, so replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is imperative. Although you can choose from different treatments, dental implants are now the preferred replacement solution. At Ohio Valley Periodontics and Implants, Drs. Scott Silverstein and Matthew Parker both specialize in implant dentistry and are equipped to help you determine the right replacement for your missing teeth.

Introduction to Implant Dentistry

Why have implants usurped other common treatments for replacing missing teeth? Implants offer several advantages over dentures and bridges, including more versatility and increased durability. While dentures can only be used in cases where the patient is missing most or all of their teeth, implants can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs and replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth if needed.

Because they are made from titanium, implants have the distinct advantage of being able to work compatibly with the body. As a result of this naturally harmonious relationship, implants actually begin integrating with your jaw bone once they are placed. On the contrary, dentures are fashioned from materials that often irritate the gum tissue, such as plastic, cast metal, or acrylic. The wearer’s discomfort is often further exacerbated by the lack of stability inherent in a detachable prosthesis like a denture.

In addition to the treatment’s 97% success rate, the burgeoning popularity of implant dentistry can also be attributed to the procedure’s lack of complications. Although treatments like dentures and bridges may suffice in the short-term, they are known to cause problems over time.

For more information about implant dentistry and other options for replacing missing teeth, please call Ohio Valley Periodontics and Implants at 513-334-5997.

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