Plasma Rich in Growth Factor

Plasma Rich in Growth Factor, which is commonly referred to as PRGF, is a protein that is often used in regenerating bone and soft tissue. The protein is uncommonly plasma-rich, coming about through a process of blood fractioning. This regeneration technique uses only a small portion of a patient’s blood, utilizing rich plasma proteins to promote new growth. Since PRGF is taken directly from the patient, the potential for rejection and disease are generally almost completely avoided.

What Makes PRGF So Unique?

The use of PRGF is quickly becoming a more sought after method for regenerating bone and soft tissue. Doctors and patients alike generally prefer using natural healing methods, such as PRGF. Because it is a natural substance, patients tend to have little to no swelling and inflammation when healing with PRGF.

Whenever the body becomes wounded, many different types of cells rush to the injured area. The cells begin to form blood clots and release essential growth factors, helping to stimulate healing. When additional growth factors are brought in to the wounded area, healing can occur at a much faster and more efficient rate.

PRGF In Dentistry

When used for regeneration and dental implants, PRGF can provide a much faster and more predictable rate of recovery. Studies have shown that PRGF can actually enhance the development of new bone, making bone regeneration a much faster process. 

Benefits Of PRGF

There are many reasons why so many dentists and doctors are choosing to use PRGF to promote healing. Some of the benefits include:
  • PRGF is taken directly from the blood of the patient, preventing rejection or the potential for disease transmission.
  • PRGF can be generated on site in a short amount of time, often during another procedure.
  • With the help of PRGF, patients can heal much faster.
  • Because PRGF can be generated on site, costs are usually minimal and far less expensive than harvesting from a hospital or blood bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRGF totally safe?
You can rest assured that the highest safety precautions are taken to ensure safety using PRGF.

Is PRGF always used in bone-grafting?
Depending on your individual situation, your dentist or doctor will determine if PRGF is best for you. When there is no infection, PRGF is generally not necessary. 

Does insurance cover PRGF?
Many insurance providers do not cover PRGF. However, when considering the fast healing and bone regeneration provided by PRGF, patients generally find this procedure much more cost effective than alternative options.

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