When dental implants are required for a patient, jaw bone structure may need to be modified. This modification is generally only required in certain situations when a patient’s existing jaw bone structure cannot successfully hold dental implants on its own. When this jaw bone modification is required, Piezosurgery may be used. 

What Is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery is a convenient modern technique for cutting bone through the use of ultrasonic micro vibrations. The method was developed specifically to be used in Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and certain procedures in Implantology. Modern doctors are finding the use of Piezosurgery very successful, often preferring it over other surgical techniques. The state of the art technology used in Piezosurgery has given doctors throughout the nation the ability to perform difficult procedures that have never before been possible. 

Benefits Of Piezosurgery

One of the main purposes of using ultrasonic micro vibrations to cut the bone is to prevent damage to the soft tissue. Other methods of bone-cutting, including the use of drills or burs, can potentially cause damage in certain areas of the soft tissue and bone structure, even if the doctor is extremely skilled and uses meticulous care in his work. 

With the practice of Piezosurgery, these risks are removed, giving doctors and patients much greater confidence in having the procedure performed. The ultrasonic vibrations used in Piezosurgery can also provide the doctor with incomparable accuracy, while granting the patient with greater comfort and ease. A unique surgical instrument produces the vibrations for the surgery, making the procedure also more convenient to perform. 

Procedures Performed With Piezosurgery

The process of Piezosurgery has been implemented into various areas of dental care and periodontics. Top doctors throughout the nation are finding huge success through the use of Piezosurgery in their practice. With greater accuracy and improved patient experiences in each procedure, Piezosurgery is now regularly used in the performance of:
  • Certain tooth extractions
  • The lengthening of crowns
  • Preparing the site for dental implants
  • Techniques in periodontal therapy

What This Means For You

When surgery becomes a necessity, it is important for you to know you are getting the best of modern technology. With your health at stake, you deserve to expect the best in accuracy and success. Piezosurgery provides precision and convenience, making it an extremely beneficial system for both doctors and patients. Consider these significant benefits:
  • Eliminated risk of tissue damage during surgery
  • Much quicker healing time
  • Reduced potential for swelling
  • Less pain

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