Cone Beam, CT Scan and 3-D Imaging
Technological Advances

As modern technology continues to progress, so does the practice of dentistry. Current technological advances have made the entire dental practice more accurate and effective than ever before. As new technology becomes available, improved practices are continually implemented to give you the best possible experience. Opportunities that were never before considered a possibility have now been implemented to provide each patient with the quality he or she deserves. As you visit the dentist for checkups and treatments, rest assured that you are receiving the very best in modern dental care.

CT Scans And Cone Beams

The CT Scan and Cone Beam Imaging systems, in particular, have revolutionized the dental practice. With these innovative systems, 3D x-ray images are available nearly instantaneously and visible in high definition. The panoramic images are displayed in incredible clarity, providing doctors with much greater accuracy in diagnosing conditions and preparing the most effective treatments. 

In addition to helping Dr. Silverstein and Dr. Parker to diagnose problems and plan an effective method of treatment, these clear images also provide the opportunity to prevent future problems. Without the clear visual display provided by CT Scans and Cone Beans, minor problems might go undetected. Teeth and gums problems that are left untreated can quickly become more severe. Conditions that are noticed early on via a detailed image can often be reversed, preventing further progression and dental problems. 

Benefits Of Modern Scans

With the modern technology provided by these imaging systems, dentists and patients can receive many benefits. With nearly immediate access to these detailed images, dentists can make fast and precise diagnoses, allowing patients to be on their way and back to work more quickly than in the past. The faster diagnosis time also makes treatments easier and more effective because dentists have a more accurate idea of the condition.

With health as the number one goal of dentistry, the Cone Beam imaging center provides convenient access to valuable information without the regular exposure to harmful radiation. Radiation exposure is very minimal, providing patients with a much safer technique.

When Are These Techniques Used?

With so many advantages, these imaging techniques are often used in various dental practices. A common use of the images is to identify the best strategy for dental implants. With the detailed images, dentists are often able to determine a precise size and ideal placement for the implants.

Cone Beams provide dentists with valuable information regarding bone structure and nerves, helping them to diagnose and treat many dental problems. 

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